2 best aluminum fence styles of 2023.

2 Best Aluminum Fence Styles of 2023

Here at SLEEKFENCE, we wanted to create a fence that was timeless. Trends come and go but things like scrabble, a nice glass of whiskey, and Karaoke are timeless. We wanted to be in that category, if you are going to invest your hard-earned money on a SLEEKFENCE aluminum fence that lasts a lifetime then you’ll want to make sure it is always going to be considered stylish. A good fence is supposed to enhance your property’s value and perception, not hurt it. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best aluminum fence styles of 2023.

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SLEEKFENCE Aluminum Privacy Fence.

Our SLEEKFENCE Privacy Fence panel is the first fence panel design we produced here at SLEEKFENCE. This panel acts as a stage backdrop for plants. Most plants tend to stand out in a dramatic way when they are in front of a SLEEKFENCE privacy panel. This will allow your garden to truly stand out and look its best.

SLEEKFENCE metal privacy panels are constructed from high-quality pure aluminum alloy 6063 T6, and powder coated satin black. Aluminum does not rust, when you powder coat metal it ends up being much more durable. Powder-coated metal is considered to be “corrosion-proof”. We chose to powder coat our aluminum fence panels, posts, and gates. This creates a tough finish that can handle the elements, kids, and pets. Powder coating creates a smooth surface without any runs or drips so you don’t have to sand or refinish the surface if any mistakes are made. Our powder coating is approved in accordance with Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB Florida 1. In addition, it has been tested and certified to be AAMA 2603 compliant by a third party testing laboratory. Jotun Facade is a Green Building Solution.

These pre-made fence panels offer maximum privacy while still offering contemporary styled horizontal lines. This is achieved with a shadow groove between each board. SLEEKFENCE panels are used in conjunction with our posts with post caps, or can be installed between existing pillars, or directly to your exterior wall.

Privacy Fence


SLEEKFENCE Aluminum Screen Fence.

Our SLEEKFENCE Screen Fence is a modern fence design that provides privacy yet still lets the light through. Constructed with 5/8” x 4” horizontal slats with a gap size of ¾” these fence panels are the height of modern & contemporary style.

Extra sunlight flows through the gaps between horizontal slats on this fence design, which keeps plants and lawns healthy and brightens dark spaces. If you live in a windy area, then you may want to consider our aluminum screen fence option as this model allows the wind to pass through it.

This makes the SLEEKFENCE Horizontal Screen fence panel the perfect choice for gardeners and designers. These modern horizontal fence panels can be used in conjunction with our posts with post caps or can be installed between existing pillars or attached directly to your exterior wall.

Screen Fence

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