3 Reasons to Switch your Job to SLEEKFENCE Aluminum Fence Panels.

3 Reasons to Switch your Job to SLEEKFENCE Aluminum Fence Panels.

We are just going to get to the point, here are 3 reasons to switch your job over to SLEEKFENCE aluminum fence panels.

  1. Super fast shipping:

Our aluminum fence panels are here and they are ready to go! If you have a client that would entertain the notion of a black aluminum privacy fence, then we are your supplier. Whether they are looking for a horizontal slat fence or an aluminum privacy fence we have got you covered, our metal privacy fence panels are the very best.

It’s not uncommon to be hearing things like “Due to the pandemic we have to delay…” or “Your order is going to take longer than expected because….” and that really doesn’t help you because you have clients that are waiting for you to do a job TODAY that you booked YESTERDAY and your suppliers want to get you the necessary materials TOMORROW and as a result, you don’t get paid until LATER! Our staff and the product are very easy to work with and that leads us to our next point.

  1. Easy installation:

Our horizontal fence panels arrive ready to be installed. You can cut and manipulate as you see fit, lots of contractors have found that our aluminum fence panels are actually easier to work with than most other types of fence such as cedar, vinyl, composite…..etc. So we have ticked off two boxes so far.

  • You can trust SLEEK to arrive on time.
  • It arrives ready to be installed.
  1. It looks better than the alternatives.

Ok take a look at the picture below, that’s a great-looking modern privacy fence that’s going to turn some heads. It goes with virtually any landscaping layout and house. It looks amazing but complements its surroundings at the same time. This fence will generate awesome word of mouth. The better it looks the more they talk, the more they talk the more YOU sell. If you are located in the Vancouver area then Premium Fence is probably your best bet for installation as it pertains to horizontal metal fencing jobs over $10,000.

Feel free to email or call at your convenience if you’d like to be set up and a member of our team will take care of you.

SLEEKFENCE Phone Number: +1 855-875-0855


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