3 reasons why you need an aluminum pool fence.

We wanted to write a blog outlining 3 reasons why you need an aluminum pool fence.

Aluminum pool fences are safe:

Owning a pool can bring a lot of joy to a family. The memories you can create with your family, friends, and neighbors are endless. Owning a pool is also a huge responsibility, you need to make sure you are taking the correct measures to protect your family and your pool from accidents.

400 people die from drowning each year, according to the Lifesaving Society of Canada. Most of those incidents were preventable. Drowning is also the third leading cause of accidental death in Canada. Protecting your pool with a SLEEKFENCE aluminum fence is a great first step to ensure no accidents like this will happen to a family member or anyone that visits your property.

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, this is also the option when protecting your pets. There is also the possibility that other wildlife could come be intrigued by your pool as well. Having a SLEEKFENCE  aluminum fence around your pool is not only the best option for people. It also protects your pets and other animals as well.

Aluminum pool fences are required:

There are rules and ordinances in most areas that require pools to have a perimeter fence. Every jurisdiction is different. We strongly recommend that you the correct counsel and educate yourself on the laws that apply to protecting your pool. Be aware of things like picket spacing, height requirements, and requirements about the gate and lock. These laws are very important when it comes to preventing accidents. We recommend you follow them.

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An aluminum pool fence adds privacy:

A SLEEKFENCE aluminum privacy fence is the ultimate option if you are looking to enjoy your pool and backyard privately. Most of our clients prefer this option because they don’t want their leisure time to be on display for the entire neighborhood to see.

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Author: Adam Deo