4 benefits of aluminum fencing for educational institutions.

4 benefits of aluminum fencing for educational institutions.

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In the realm of educational settings, the big priorities revolve around safety, aesthetics, maintenance, and sustainability. Aluminum fencing stands as a solution offering an array of advantages for schools and universities. SLEEKFENCE™ will significantly bolster security measures, enhance visual appeal, minimize maintenance demands, and align with eco-friendly practices.

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SLEEKFENCE™ provides strong and private barriers, ensuring only authorized individuals access the premises. SLEEKFENCE™ is the best privacy fence manufactured from aluminum. This enhances safety for students and staff by preventing unwanted entry. SLEEKFENCE™ 69″ privacy fence panels will be one of your best options if you’re attempting to keep animals or intruders off the premises. It has a smooth powder-coated surface with no creases for feet to slide into. It is probably one of the most challenging fence options to scale. You are also not limited to 69″; our modular fence system can be customized to any height. We also wanted to add that we are aware of recent school safety concerns; panic bars on gates are crucial for security against potential threats like shooters entering campuses. There’s been a huge increase in demand for security fencing and gates in schools due to the rise in shootings. Please see the pictures below.


Low maintenance: 

You’ll never need to spend any time on maintenance besides cleaning SLEEKFENCE™ at your discretion. It may cost more upfront, but a SLEEKFENCE™ will save you thousands of dollars in maintenance in the long run. Reducing maintenance efforts and costs will allow schools and universities to allocate those resources elsewhere. Aluminum does not rust and has inherent durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring that our products have a longer lifespan. This longevity means fewer replacements and less waste generation over time. A SLEEKFENCE™ is a long-term investment in your property and future.

Aesthetics and customization:

SLEEKFENCE™ instantly enhances the visual appeal of a property. It’s modern design adds an attractive aesthetic element, contributing positively to the overall curb appeal.

SLEEKFENCE™ will enhance your space with permanent beauty and is available in black, 5 woodgrains and virtually any other color as long as you provide us with an RAL.  We stock black at both of our distribution center’s, the woodgrain and color options are available via special order. Our modular fence system is very customizable; SLEEKFENCE™ can be altered and manipulated to look great in virtually any setting.


Environmental friendliness:

Aluminum is a highly recyclable material, contributing to a closed loop of eco-friendliness. Unlike many other materials, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality. The recycling process requires only a fraction of the energy needed for primary production. This characteristic drastically reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, making aluminum recycling an integral part of the circular economy. Designed for durability and style, our fences offer a standout alternative to composite, wood or vinyl options. Overall, aluminum fencing is an excellent choice for schools and universities, enhancing safety, appearance, sustainability, and budget allocation for educational growth. The recyclability of aluminum significantly reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills. Every recycled aluminum product represents energy savings and fewer resources utilized in primary production.


The adoption of aluminum fencing in educational institutions transcends the conventional bounds of safety. It signifies a holistic commitment toward sustainability and style, nurturing an environment conducive to learning and growth. Combining robust security, low-maintenance attributes, customizable designs, and eco-friendliness, aluminum fencing emerges as a great asset. By selecting aluminum fencing, educational institutions pave the way for a safer, visually appealing, and environmentally conscious future. This choice enriches the educational experience, fostering an atmosphere conducive to growth and development for all parties involved. We hope this article helped you discern which aluminum fence product would suit your needs. We have listed three great options here. Call or email us if you have any questions about our aluminum fence products. A member of our support staff will be glad to help you. If you are looking to install a SLEEKFENCE™, we would be glad to assist you in finding a contractor near you.

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