6 ways to childproof your pool.

6 ways to childproof your pool.

We wanted to write a short little checklist that you can follow to protect junior from any accidents that could happen in or around your pool. Feel free to comment or reach out to our support team if you have any questions about this. We use our customer’s questions and concerns to create future articles.

  1. Ensure there is a reliable fence around your pool. 

You may already have a beautiful aluminum privacy fence lining the perimeter of your yard; it would also be a wise decision to have a fence around your pool if you haven’t already done so. This will provide an extra layer of protection for your kids. If they are already playing in your back yard then having some additional protection between them and the pool could be the difference between having an accident occur and not.

Beautiful black fence surrounding pool canada

  1. Use a pool cover.

We’ve talked about adding an extra layer of protection around your pool; now, we can take it a step further by adding a cover—the more barriers between your young ones and the pool, the better. If your pool is the right size and shape for a cover, then this is definitely an option that is worth exploring.

Pool cover

  1. Ensure all entryways are protected.

We mentioned this in our previous posts about pets. You want to make sure things like gates are latched and childproofed. If all entryways are secured, then you don’t have to worry about your young ones and their friends simply walking through the gate.


  1. Install Alarms.

Use a threshold alarm on the gate or the house door that leads to the pool. This alarm will alert you when someone has entered the pool area. You can also use a floating surface wave pool alarm. This type of alarm floats on the surface of your pool and measures water disturbances like waves, water displacement, and ripples. These alarms are easy to set up; they are also portable. A third option could be a subsurface pool alarm; these connect to the edge of your pool. A subsurface pool alarm can also detect water disturbances and shallow beach entry. We would recommend you look into an option like this after you have already taken the time to install the appropriate fence around your pool.

Pool alarm

  1. Take the toys out of the pool.

We would advise you to take the toys out of the pool when you are done with them. Children can become curious and could run or fall into the water whilst trying to retrieve a toy that they would like to play with. This is a great rule for animals as well. We recommend that you post a reminder somewhere around the pool that reminds others and yourself to take the toys out of the pool when you are done playing with them.

5. Take the toys out of the pool.

  1. Set clear rules are pertaining to your pool.

This is probably one of the most powerful points on this list. To an adult, rules like no running or diving in the shallow end may seem simple, but a child could attempt to do these things if they are not made aware of the fact that they shouldn’t. If you set clear rules and expectations whilst making sure they are understood, then that may be your best line of defense against a pool accident.

pool rules


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