8 reasons to install a black aluminum fence.

8 reasons to install a black aluminum fence.

Black Aluminum Fencing is becoming a global trend, many homeowners across North America are considering a Black Aluminum Fence for their next fence project. We wanted to provide 8 reasons why we believe this would be a wise decision. All the titles in this article link to other articles that will provide more context on that topic. For example, reason 2 is “An aluminum fence can keep pests out.” If you click the title, it will take you to an entire post, we’ve written regarding why our SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fence product would be beneficial if you’re trying to keep pests off your property.

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An aluminum fence can make your property look more luxurious:

According to a UTA study, a home’s curb appeal can increase the perceived value by 7%-14%. A quality black aluminum fence will make your property look better, plants stand out against it, and go with virtually any type of landscaping. SLEEKFENCE™ is the perfect option if you are looking for a fence to increase your home’s perceived value.

An aluminum fence can keep pests out:

If you have pets and/or kids, then protecting them from unwanted pests will probably be your number one priority. We don’t want a child or a pet to meet a harmful animal while playing outside. A study done by the National Park Service and California State University revealed that domestic cats accounted for between 60 to 75 percent of urban coyote diets. Deer have also been known to kill 120 people, and 4.5 million children are bitten by dogs in the US every year.

SLEEKFENCE™ 69″ privacy fence panels will be one of your best options if you’re attempting to keep these animals out of your yard and away from your children. It has a smooth powder-coated surface with no creases for feet to slide into. It is probably one of the most challenging fence options to scale. You are also not limited to 69″; our modular fence system has been customized to about 8ft or 92″ high. Animals could not be motivated by anything in your yard simply because they wouldn’t be able to see it.

Sleek modular Privacy fence

An aluminum fence requires little to no maintenance:

Our SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum privacy fence and aluminum screen fence product will require little to no maintenance aside from cleaning at your discretion. We recommend that you read our cleaning guidelines before cleaning your SLEEKFENCE™. We also offer everything you’ll need to clean your SLEEKFENCE™ safely and effectively in our cleaning kit.

Our aluminum fence product is very customizable:

Our modular fence system is very customizable; SLEEKFENCE™ can be altered and manipulated to look great in virtually any setting. Click here to look at our inspiration gallery’s “Custom Projects” section. These pictures do a great job illustrating just how versatile our product is.


Our powder coat finish is very resilient:

Our powder coating is approved in accordance with Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB Florida 1. In addition, it has been tested and certified to be AAMA 2603 compliant by a third party testing laboratory. Jotun Facade is a Green Building Solution. When a powder coat finish is correctly applied, it should have no problem holding up in harsh weather conditions without peeling or chipping; our powder coat finish is designed to last. SLEEKFENCE™ warrants the powder-coated finishes against peeling, cracking, separating, or any abnormal discoloration/fading under normal seasonal weather conditions. Click here to view the full version of our SLEEKFENCE™ limited lifetime aluminum fence warranty.

Sleek privacy fence close up

Aluminum is good for the environment:

Most people are surprised to find out that Aluminum is one of the most recycled and recyclable materials available on the market today. Nearly 75% of all aluminum produced in the U.S. is still in use today. Aluminum can also be recycled directly back into itself repeatedly. This is a true closed loop. Purchasing an aluminum fence would be a great choice if you’re looking for a sustainable product to minimize your environmental footprint.

SLEEKFENCE™ is great for keeping children in the yard:

To ensure your child doesn’t tamper with it, there are various ways to customize a SLEEKFENCE™ gate. We have a metal key lockable gate latch that you can install at a height that is well out of reach for your little ones. You can make sure that the gate is locked while they are outside playing; this will ensure that your child cannot escape. It will also make sure that unwanted visitors cannot get in. Simply looking at it is easy to discern whether the gate is latched or unlatched. A SLEEKFENCE™ privacy fence would also be very tough to climb. It is a smooth powder-coated surface with no creases for feet to slide into. It is probably one of the most challenging fence options to scale. You are also not limited to 69″; our modular fence system has been customized to about 8ft or 92″ high! This is great for curious children attempting to climb over the fence from the inside or an unwanted visitor attempting to scale the fence from the outside.

SLEEKFENCE™ is great for keeping pets in the yard:

We have a 6-foot option that would be perfect for keeping Fido from jumping over. An aluminum fence is going to be your best option if you’re looking for strength and durability. You won’t have to worry about your pet clawing at it because our fences come with a very tough satin black powder coat to ensure that they won’t show scratch marks. A 6-foot aluminum privacy fence will keep virtually any breed inside and all the unwanted stimuli out. Even though we recommend you go with the metal privacy fence panels, the horizontal screen fence would not be a bad option either. Both would keep your dog from squeezing through.

Don’t hesitate to reach out:

Call or email us if you have any questions about our aluminum fence products. A member of our support staff will be glad to help you. If you are looking to install a SLEEKFENCE™, we would be glad to assist you in finding a contractor near you.

Adam Deo
Author: Adam Deo

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