It all started with realizing that there was a major lack globally for a modern and fully private fence solution constructed from a material that would last a lifetime and available in dark colors. Yes, we’ve always been able to install a wood fence and paint it black but talk about excessive ongoing upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking good and staying vertical!

With decades of experience in fence contracting, the founders of SLEEKFENCE™ networked with leading fence companies all around the world to create a horizontal fence system that anyone could install with ease.

With this hands-on experience in fencing and having installed a wide variety of fence material types such as wood, vinyl, composite, steel, and aluminum. SLEEKFENCE™ is a well-developed aluminum fence system.

Whether you are a homeowner, home builder, landscape contractor, or fence contractor, you will find our fence systems easy to work with.

Available to anyone, anywhere in USA and Canada, we strive to maintain inventory of all our products, and our goal is to ship your order within 5 days of receiving it.

Our Values.

CARE – Treat others the way they would want to be treated.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – Don’t make the same mistake twice. Do it a better way.

INTEGRITY – Do what you say you are going to do.

WORLD CLASS – Be the best of the best.

GROWTH MINDSET – A desire to learn and grow – a “can do” attitude.

Our Leadership Team

Simon Mitchell – SLEEKFENCE General Manager

Simon Mitchell is a seasoned director with nearly two decades of experience in the fence industry. Having been on the tools himself in the early years of his fencing career, he is well positioned to lead a global fencing brand.

With a background in lean manufacturing and project management, he has helped established companies in the fence industry get to the next level, winning awards like Growth500 along the way.

Always looking for a challenge, Simon is currently taking SLEEKFENCE™ beyond North America and setting up distribution centers in the UK and Australia.

Simon can be found on the weekends eating watermelon on the back deck with his two little daughters, Cora & Ivy.

Simon Mitchell



Adam Deo has become an expert at creating, executing, and continuously innovating upon winning marketing plans.

He has helped over 56 businesses across North America optimize their marketing strategies, achieve tangible results, and create lasting change in their companies.

Adam believes that effective marketing comes down to understanding people. He devotes much of his time to understanding the customers we serve, answering their questions, and coming up with new ways to communicate with them and solve their problems.

Adam's core values consist of integrity and competitive greatness. He lives these values both inside and outside of the office. He is a proud husband, a fitness fanatic, a skier, and a wine enthusiast.

Adam's happy place is watching UFC with his wife while eating a 12oz steak and drinking a 6oz glass of red wine.

Adam Deo

Marketing Manager

Awais Ahmed - SLEEKFENCE Finance Manager

Awais Ahmed is our Finance Manager. He analyzes the financial strengths and weaknesses of SLEEKFENCE™ and proposes strategic directions.

Awais has restructured the finance department of many organizations and taken them to the next level.

He is an expert in financial reporting and analysis. Awais has worked with over 17 businesses in Canada, the Middle East, and Pakistan. Awais believes in cultivating and maintaining good relationships with people inside and outside the office while helping them continuously improve daily.

Awais has a passion for helping people. He is a proud husband, father, explorer, and he has a passion for playing cricket.

He spends weekends with his wife and daughters, exploring and recharging in nature.

Awais Ahmed

Finance Manager

Sam Mitchell - SLEEKFENCE Sales Manager

Sam Mitchell has been on the tools since a small child. Passionate about quality, engineering, and simplifying processes, he has taken SLEEKFENCE™ from conception to posts in the ground.

Sam has a wide range of capabilities and leads the sales and support team servicing clients across North America. He thrives on bringing success to others, not stopping at customer satisfaction but striving to make every client a raving fan.

Sam is most often found in corduroys and a white t-shirt working on a miscellaneous DIY project, cooking up wood-fired pizzas, going on adventures with his wife, and generally just lighting fires everywhere. If you can't reach his phone, he is likely exploring the mountains in his haphazard jeep. He does not like mowing the lawn.

Sam Mitchell

Sales Manager

Shannon Grindley - Business Development Manager

Shannon Grindley is the Business Development Manager at SLEEKFENCE, working with the Business Development team to further our relationships with our clients and trained contractors.

With a background in business development and project management, she enjoys working with the team to share the SLEEKFENCE products to the market.

When not at work Shannon enjoys spending time with her husband and family and working with charities!

Shannon Grindley

Business Development Manager

Andrew Meyers - SLEEKFENCE Operations Manager

Andrew Myers is our Operations Manager. He runs the day-to-day operations, which oversees purchasing, logistics, customer service and our distribution centers.

Andrews’ first management job was at McDonalds, which instilled the importance of proper processes and procedures as well as teamwork, is what drives him to succeed in all aspects of operations. Andrew has over 15 years of operational experience within the warehousing and distribution industry, as well as 5+ years’ experience in inventory control.

He loves the challenges and accomplishments that come with the growth of his role at SLEEKFENCE, and the team he works with.

Andrew also believes that the operations can only be as strong as the team within every department. This is why he is always pushing to make all processes and procedures as efficiently as possible, and ensuring the proper training is in place for everyone to succeed.

He believes you are always learning and growing every day, and this will continue to improve the operational excellence here at SLEEKFENCE.

When Andrew isn’t working, he enjoys peaceful times fishing, bowling and with his wife Amy. He is also a proud father of 1 daughter Kaitlyn, 2 sons Evan and Dylan.

Andrew Myers

Operations Manager

Brent Mitchell - SLEEKFENCE Logistics Team Leader

Brent Mitchell is currently in charge of logistics at SLEEKFENCE™, ensuring that fence orders are delivered safely and securely throughout North America.

He enjoys being part of a rapidly growing business and attributes its success to an incredible team, all pulling in the same direction. A fine example of "teamwork makes the dream work."

In 1985, he started a fence installation business, working from his backyard. Although the business today is on a much different scale, the philosophy then was the same – give the best possible customer service and you'll never run out of work! He finds it amazing how far the industry has come in almost 40 years.

Brent and his wife Elizabeth have six wonderful children, four amazing children-in-law, and seven awesome grandchildren – the family gatherings are very lively…!

Brent Mitchell

Logistics Team Leader