Aluminum Fencing vs. Steel Fencing: Which one is right for you?

Aluminum Fencing vs. Steel Fencing: Which one is right for you?

You are thinking about installing a new fence or replacing your old one, and you have decided that you’d like a metal fence because they have many benefits. Metal is strong, durable, looks great, and requires minimal to no maintenance. You have narrowed your options down to steel and aluminum as these are the best materials in the space, and you’d like to discern which one would be best for you and why. We are here to answer that question.

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Steel fencing:

Steel fencing is a great option; it is powerful and provides excellent security for your property. Your choices include tubular, picket, and color bond. The style you choose depends on your needs; if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing option, you’ll probably prefer the picket or the tubular; if you are looking for privacy and security, then the color bond will be your best bet.

Even though a steel fence will require far less maintenance than a cedar fence, work still needs to be done. Steel does rust; when acidic substances (including water) contact steel, rust begins to form. Rust is simply the result of corrosion after iron particles are exposed to moisture and oxygen. You’ll need to clean your steel fence and scrub away rust spots as they start to form. It is not uncommon for homeowners to spend an entire day doing this with soap, water, and a toothbrush in hand.

Steel Fencing

Aluminum fencing:

A quality black aluminum fence will have your property looking better, plants will stand out against it, and it is strong enough to brave the elements and keep your kids and dogs inside. Though you may pay more for the fence upfront, you will save money in the long run because the fence requires no maintenance. This is our next point, and it is a great selling feature.

Aluminum fencing is probably the best metal fencing option on the market; it will provide excellent strength and durability and require no maintenance besides cleaning at your discretion. We say at your discretion because, unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t rust. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion because it has no iron in its composition, so there is no iron to oxidize and rust. SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fence product is also powder-coated black. When you powder coat metal, it ends up being much more durable. Powder-coated metal is considered to be “corrosion-proof” it also creates a tough finish that can handle the elements, kids, and pets. 

Sleek black privacy fence

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