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How Many SLEEKFENCE™ Panels Do I Need?

Here is the easiest and most fail-safe method of calculating how many fence panels, posts, and gates you will need for your project.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to email your drawing to support(at)

Step 1: Draw a basic aerial view of your fence lines, with measurements in linear feet. It doesn’t need to be to scale.


Step 2: All our panels are exactly 6 feet wide, so divide each fence line/segment by 6.3

Panel width = 72 inches
Post width = 4 inches (all posts identical)
72 + 4 = 76 inches
76 inches = 6.3 feet

This will give you the quantity of panels needed.

E.G –

6/6.3 = .95 (1 panel)
24/6.3=3.8 (4 panels)
44/6.3=6.9 (7 panels)
24/6.3=3.8 (4 panels)

Round up to the nearest full section.

Step 3: Mark out the posts, based on the quantity of sections needed in each segment. Be sure to include posts for both sides of the gate.


Step 4: Add up panels, posts and gates.

If you are digging and setting directly into footings, you will need the longer posts.

E.G –
16 panels required
18 posts required
1 gate, latch, and pair of hinges.
Approximately 1 pack of screws for every 30 linear feet of fencing

That’s it! Now you can choose your items, add to cart and checkout with confidence!

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