Cleaning your SLEEKFENCE

Cleaning your SLEEKFENCE:

The first thing we’d like to point out is Aluminum cannot rust. Rust is iron oxide and aluminum has no iron in its composition. No iron. No iron oxide. No rust. This addresses one of the number one contentions that consumers had pertaining to purchasing metal fencing. In an earlier time where iron was utilized more to build fencing, maintaining your fence was a process, simply because the consumer had to worry about their fence rusting. Rust can cause material failure and isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

With Aluminum this problem is virtually nonexistent which makes cleaning and maintenance an issue of the past. That’s not to say your aluminum fence won’t require any cleaning or maintenance. It will just require much less than any other material you could choose to go with metal or nonmetal. Aluminum is very simple to clean because it does not rust. Water by itself will usually get the job done when it comes to dirt or grass clippings. If it really needs a clean then warm water and car wash soap with a soft bristle brush would be your best bet. We provide the soap and soft bristle brush in our cleaning kit along with a microfiber cloth for drying off your aluminum fence. We recommend you refrain from using a power washer as this could damage your fence. When you are rinsing off your SLEEKFENCE start at the top as this will prevent those dirt streaks. Download our cleaning guide for more specific instructions on how to clean your SLEEKFENCE.


Our SLEEKFENCE cleaning kit (pictured below) comes with some touch-up paint, in can and pen form. We include our SLEEK cleaning kit in all orders over $20,000.

SLEEKFENCE Cleaning Kit:

  • Signature SLEEK everyday bag.
  • Car wash soap.
  • Soft bristle brush.
  • Microfibre drying cloth.
  • Black spray paint and touch-up pen.

SLEEK Cleaning Kit