Does a metal fence rust?

Question: Does a metal fence rust?

This is a great question; it depends on what kind of metal you are looking at; this article will look at three of the most common metal fence options and discuss how likely they are to rust. We will also be going over strength, durability, and maintenance.

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Does a wrought iron fence rust?

Wrought iron will rust as time passes; it is usually painted to prevent this in the short term, but as time goes on, it is inevitable as the paint scratches or chips off. Wrought iron is a heavy material; it is durable, timeless, and expensive. Many metal fence’s that you see that are designed uniquely are probably made out of wrought iron. A wrought iron fence will look beautiful, but it will require regular maintenance to protect it from the elements and minimize things like rust happening over time; you’ll need to clean it and scrub away rust spots as they start to form. It is not uncommon for homeowners can spend an entire day doing this with soap, water, and a toothbrush in hand.

Wrought Iron Fence.

Does an aluminum fence rust?

Aluminum cannot rust. Aluminum also has no iron in its composition, so there is no iron to oxidize and rust. Our aluminum fence product is also powder-coated black. When you powder coat metal, it ends up being much more durable. Powder-coated metal is considered to be “corrosion-proof” it also creates a tough finish that can handle the elements, kids, and pets. Our SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum privacy fence and aluminum screen fence product will require little to no maintenance aside from cleaning at your discretion. We recommend that you read our cleaning guidelines before cleaning your SLEEKFENCE. We also offer everything you’ll need to safely and effectively clean your SLEEKFENCEin our cleaning kit

SLEEKFENCEis a modular fence; our system is straightforward to install because the components have already been assembled at the factory. This means that you or your installer will not be required to make excessive modifications and adjustments during your time on site. It also means that the fence will be installed faster, which will save you money in labor, and you’ll be able to enjoy the finished product more quickly. Do it once. Do it right. Get yourself a modern fence you’ll never have to replace. 

Sleek black privacy fence

Does a steel fence rust?

Steel fencing will rust as time passes. It is usually galvanized and powder coated to prevent rusting; however, it will rust over time. It will most likely take much longer to rust than materials such as wrought iron unless it’s not properly treated before it is installed. Steel fencing is very durable and heavy; it requires maintenance, unlike aluminum. Soap and water will do the trick just as they will with wrought iron. Steel fencing is very popular. You’ll see steel fencing in commercial areas and around swimming pools.

Steel Fence

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