SLEEKFENCE™ Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come in different sizes and can it be modified on-site?

Answer: SLEEKFENCE™ comes in two sizes and two styles. The entire system is modular and adjustable.

Standard heights: 46″ and  69″
Note: 46” panels can be stacked to create a 92” height.

Who designed it?

Answer: The team here at SLEEKFENCE™ designed and manufactured this fence for Contractors, DIY’ers, Architects, Designers, Landscapers, and Pets.

What is it made of?

Answer: SLEEKFENCE™ is made from 100% 6063-T6 Aluminum with a heavy-duty powder coating. Our powder coating is approved in accordance with Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB Florida 1. In addition, it has been tested and certified to be AAMA 2603 compliant by a third party testing laboratory. Jotun Facade is a Green Building Solution.

How long does it take to get it?

Answer: It is not uncommon for most of our clients here in North America to receive the in-stock products within 2-3 weeks of ordering.

What if my product is back-ordered?

Answer: Be sure to check the product page of the website for more information on this. Often the dates we are expecting to have stock will be right on there. Feel free to call our team at 1 855-875-0855 or email us at and we will help you sort this out and provide you with some information.

Please note: It is very common to place a deposit to reserve materials that are currently in production. Please reach out to set this up.

How does shipping work?


  • Shipping to commercial locations is free if your order exceeds $4999.99.
  • Residential orders under $2000 can be unloaded by hand If your order exceeds $2000.00 and you’d like the product shipped directly to your home there is a $1199.99 fee for residential unloading services.
  • Please feel free to reach out to us if you are in a remote location.
  • For more information, please view our Shipping Policy .

Can you help me find a contractor?

Answer: Yes, we can help you find a contractor; we may also have a SLEEKFENCE™ Trained Contractor in your area!

How do I become a contractor?

Answer: You can become a contractor by filling out this application.

Do you have any installation videos?

Answer: Yes we do! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can stay updated on all of the latest material we put out!

Why do slats on some fence panels have slight differences in color tone?

Answer: There’s nothing wrong with the coating itself. The way it looks might be a bit different from one slat to another because of how the powder is put on during manufacturing. But don’t worry; we check each batch of the coating to make sure it’s the right thickness, sticks well, and dries properly. So, it meets our quality standards. Those small differences in how it looks on each slat make the whole fence look more natural.

What is the sound rating for a SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum privacy fence?


Our SLEEKFENCE™ privacy fence design has a STC rating of 25. It acts as a reflective barrier, which means sound will bounce off the fence rather than go through it.

BAP Acoustics Ltd. | modelled its performance using specialized sound insulation prediction software, INSUL v9.0.

Assuming a surface mass density of approx. 7kg/m2 (1.4psf) – the estimated sound insulation performance of our SLEEKFENCE™ privacy panel is STC 25.

Compare this to Wood fencing at STC 23, or Vinyl fencing at STC 21.

Learn more about STC ratings here:

Why is the new post base made of steel instead of aluminum?


We can achieve significantly higher wind ratings with a steel post base, allowing our fence to be used in hurricane zones.

Click here to view our wind ratings table: