Fire-rated fencing. SLEEKFENCE™

Fire-rated fencing. SLEEKFENCE™

Many sectors, especially those operating in regions vulnerable to wildfires or other fire threats, focus highly on fire safety. This makes purchasing fire-resistant materials imperative. SLEEKFENCE™ is non-combustible and has an ASTM E84 Class A fire rating. The fire rating of SLEEKFENCE™ will be covered in this article.

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What does ASTM E84 mean?

Building materials are tested using ASTM E84 to determine their surface-burning properties. This test evaluates how a material responds to a fire in terms of flame propagation and smoke formation. The test grades it with an A, B, or C, depending on how well the content does. The highest classification, Class A, denotes a material’s high level of fire resistance. Because of its ASTM E84 Class A classification, SLEEKFENCE™ can endure intense fire exposure without aiding in the spread of the fire. SLEEKFENCE™ is made from high-quality aluminum that has been designed to endure intense fire exposure.


Is SLEEKFENCE™ Combustible?

SLEEKFENCE™ has both fire resistance and non-combustibility qualities. This indicates that our aluminum fence product won’t burn or ignite even when exposed to high heat. This function is crucial for outdoor applications because there is a higher risk of fire due to high temperatures, dry conditions, and exposure to direct sunlight. Because of its fire resistance and non-combustibility, SLEEKFENCE™ is an excellent option for various applications, including residential and commercial fence projects. SLEEKFENCE™ is a long-term and cost-efficient option.



In conclusion, fire safety is essential when choosing fencing materials, particularly in locations vulnerable to wildfires or other types of fire dangers. SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fence product is a highly fire-resistant material that can endure significant fire exposure without aiding the spread of fire thanks to its ASTM E84 Class A fire rating and non-combustible characteristics. As a result, SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fencing is one of the best options for regions at high risk of wildfire, fire-prone areas, projects that require fire-rated fencing, and applications where fire safety is crucial.

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