SLEEKFENCE™ ISO 9227 aluminum fence salt rating.

SLEEKFENCE™ ISO 9227 aluminum fence salt rating.


SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fence has gained popularity due to its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. However, harsh external conditions can considerably impact any fence’s durability and general aesthetic. Salt corrosion is one of the most important elements influencing a fence’s life span. Natural sources of salt corrosion, such as seawater or coastal air, and artificial sources, such as road salt, can cause salt corrosion. This post will go over the salt rating of SLEEKFENCE™. We also have an article about our fire rating, which you can read by clicking here. We’ll also provide a link to the fire rating post at the bottom of this one.


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What is the ISO 9227 salt spray test?


The ISO 9227 salt spray test is an internationally accepted method for testing metallic products’ corrosion resistance. The test involves exposing a sample to a saltwater mist in a controlled atmosphere and evaluating the corrosion rate over a set time. The test findings can provide important information regarding a material’s suitability for application in hostile conditions. After 1000 hours of testing, SLEEKFENCE™ showed a maximum 16 mm² infiltration over a scratch length of 10cm.



Why is it important that SLEEKFENCE™ has an ISO 9227 salt spray rating?


This ISO 9227 salt spray rating indicates that our aluminum fence product has a high resistance to corrosion and deterioration when exposed to seawater and other harsh environmental elements. Salt spray ratings are essential for residential, commercial and industrial projects near the seaside, where saltwater may quickly erode and harm typical fencing materials. SLEEKFENCE™ is aesthetically pleasing and built to resist the worst environmental conditions, ensuring it will look great for years.





The ISO 9227 aluminum fence salt rating of SLEEKFENCE™ attests to the quality and longevity of our aluminum fencing systems. SLEEKFENCE™ can easily endure saltwater and other harsh environmental elements.  SLEEKFENCE™ has a high resistance to corrosion and deterioration. This makes the SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fence an excellent choice for properties near the shore or where road salt is commonly utilized. If you’re looking for a high-quality aluminum fence system that has been built to resist the worst environmental conditions, try SLEEKFENCE™.


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