What’s a site plan, and why do I need one for fence installation?

What’s a site plan, and why do I need one for fence installation?

Selecting the suitable material and hiring the correct installer for your fence project is critical, but there is work that needs to be done before any of that takes place. Especially if you live in an HOA, you need to ensure that the fence follows local zoning laws and doesn’t cross over onto your neighbor’s property when you install it. A site plan is a tool used by engineers, architects, and urban planners to map a property and document the changes that need to be made to a plot of land. We wrote this article to serve as an educational piece that will answer fundamental questions regarding site plans, what they’re for, how to use them, and how to get one. Please share this article on social media or with a friend if you find this article valuable. Feel free to email us if you have any feedback about this article; click here. We value your feedback, and we use the feedback to come up with ideas for future posts. Ok, let’s get started!

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What is a site plan?

A site plan is a document that displays proposed improvements to your property, such as adding a pool or installing a new fence. The plan shows landscape features such as buildings, structures, driveways, property lines, utility poles, and some features on your neighbors’ property. A site plan is meant to act as a bird’s eye view of your property, and the rules for site plans vary from municipality to municipality.

Your site plan should include:

  • Your property address.
  • The scale to which it was drawn.
  • The land parcel’s boundaries and dimensions.
  • A North arrow.
  • The location of easements.
  • The location of driveways or water features.
  • Centerlines of adjoining streets.
  • Trees and other landscaping.
  • The outlines of structures, existing or proposed, include fences, pools, decks, sidewalks, septic systems, wells, sheds, and parking areas. The outlines should include dimensions and the distance to the closest boundary.

How do I get a site plan?

You may already have a site plan; it may have been included in your paperwork when you purchased your home; if you can’t locate it, your lender or title insurance provider may have a copy that they can send you. You can also contact your county government or building company. If it’s been years since you purchased your home, you should look it over to ensure that it is still correct. If you can’t locate your site plan or it’s out of date, you’ll probably need to hire a surveyor to draw one up for you.

Why do I need a site plan for my fence project?

Your site pan will allow you to plan and map out how the fence will be constructed along your property line. It specifies how it is to go around existing landscaping or structures. It is also a useful tool to ensure that your fence plan complies with local laws and codes, such as height restrictions and how near or far it can be to your property line. A site plan is a great tool to ensure that you are following the laws and rules and will help you minimize any disputes. A site plan also helps vendors price the scope of your job which can help immensely when budgeting your fence project. This is important when choosing materials, and contractors to best use funds for the long-term success and curb appeal of your HOA. 

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