Fence contractor hiring guide.

Fence Contractor Hiring Guide:

Installing or replacing a fence at your home is a tremendous job. You’ll want to make sure that you hire a fence contractor with the right qualifications to ensure that your fence follows all restrictions and permits. So how do you pick the right fence company for your job? That’s the question we will be answering today; we hope this article serves as a guide for you when attempting to select the best company for the job.

Hire a specialist:

You must look to hire a specialist ( a company that works specifically with fence installation and/or replacement). The job will most likely be done right the first time if you choose a specialist over a generalist. We have relationships with SLEEKFENCETrained Contractors across North America who install our modern aluminum fence product. We would love any recommendations you have; we are always looking to add to the team.


Read reviews and ask around:

You need to be reading reviews on Google and Facebook. The more 5 star reviews a company has, the better. You can also call the company and see examples of projects they have completed for others. A good company should be proud to show its projects to prospects. It would also be very beneficial to ask your neighbors, friends, and family about good companies and get referrals that way.

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Be sure to ask about materials:

When interviewing fence contractors, be sure to ask questions about what materials they would recommend based on your needs. Ask about the quality of the materials and how long they can be expected to last. There is no shortage of fence companies using lower-quality material that wears out fast. It is often hard to tell low manufacturer quality from a showroom sample. Our aluminum privacy fence and aluminum screen fence product will require little to no maintenance aside from cleaning at your discretion. SLEEKFENCE doesn’t need you to polish or paint your contemporary aluminum fence.

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Ask about what happens during and after the project is complete:

Okay, so you have interviewed multiple different fence companies, and you have received quotes from all of them. You have selected your company and signed a contract to start construction. You will most likely have questions as construction is happening, and you’ll want to make sure that this company will come and tend to any repairs or mishaps that occur after the job has been completed. To receive everything that is written above, you’ll want to inquire about their customer service team and their warranty department.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out:

Call or email us if you have any questions about our aluminum fence products. A member of our support staff will be glad to help you. If you are looking to install a SLEEKFENCE™, we would be glad to assist you in finding a contractor near you.

Adam Deo
Author: Adam Deo