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Helpful Articles

We have published some articles and videos here that will help to answer some burning questions our customers may have about our aluminum privacy fence panels and screen panels. We believe a sophisticated customer is the best customer. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any suggestions for future articles or if you have any questions about the product. Enjoy.


The most versatile aluminum fence.
Jaw-dropping yard transformation!
Polar Bear Burgers and Shakes featuring SLEEKFENCE.
SLEEKFENCE vs. Hurricane Ian, Florida's worst storm yet.
4 Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for Educational Institutions
Philco Homes' coastal gem with SLEEKFENCE™
Best Aluminum Fence Manufacturers.
Best pickleball court fencing.
Aluminum vs Composite
Aluminum vs Vinyl Fence cost 2023
Aluminum vs Wood Fence cost 2023
Aluminum vs Concrete Fence cost 2023
SLEEKFENCE™ installation around a luxury pool in Florida.
SLEEKFENCE™ is always in stock and ready for installation.
SLEEKFENCE™: Enhancing privacy in Washington, DC.
SLEEKFENCE™ in Comox, British Columbia.
SLEEKFENCE™ at a luxury residence in Victoria, BC, Canada.
SLEEKFENCE™ Unifying height and aesthetics on challenging residential terrain.
SLEEKFENCE™ enhances a redeveloped retail center in Florida.
SLEEKFENCE™ transformed Air Buffalo’s residential experience.
Best garden fence. SLEEKFENCE™
Best sound barrier fence. SLEEKFENCE™
Hurricane-proof fence. SLEEKFENCE™
SLEEKFENCE™ ISO 9227 aluminum fence salt rating.
Fire-rated fencing. SLEEKFENCE™.
The best fence for a sloped yard.
Hiring a fence contractor vs installing a fence myself
8 reasons to install a black aluminum fence.
How long will SLEEKFENCE™ powder coating last.
SLEEKFENCE™ Trained Contractor.
Why is aluminum a great fence material.
3 facts about SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fence posts.
Aluminum privacy fence and screen fence at the same project!
Sparrow Fence and SLEEKFENCE™ save the tree.
How to Resize a SLEEKFENCE™ Gate.- Video
How to Mount a SLEEKFENCE™ Gate.- Video
How to Resize a SLEEKFENCE™ Panel.- Video
How to Mount a SLEEKFENCE™ Panel.- Video
How to Set a SLEEKFENCE™ Post.- Video
SLEEKFENCE™ Trained Contractor.
Does a fence add value to your home.
Why should I buy a vinyl fence.
Why should I buy a cedar fence.
Best backyard fence.
Does a metal fence rust.
How many gates should we order with our fence.
6 ways to childproof your pool.
Will an aluminum fence make your property look more luxurious
How to put together a fence proposal for your HOA.
What’s a site plan, and why do I need one for fence installation
Best HOA fence.
How to get a fence approved by my HOA
Best fence to keep pests out.
The best fence for dogs.
How tall should your fence be?
3 benefits of an aluminum privacy fence.
How strong is an aluminum fence.
Aluminum Fencing vs. Wrought Iron Fencing Which one is right for you.
Aluminum fences and child safety.
Will an aluminum fence keep my home safe?
Does a fence add value to your home?
Aluminum Fencing vs. Steel Fencing Which one is right for you.
2 best aluminum fence styles of 2023.
Why invest in a quality fence?
Fence contractor hiring guide.
Best beach home fence.
How to use our SLEEKFENCE™ cost calculator?
Why buy a modular fence?
3 common cedar fence problems.
Aluminum fence problems.
3 reasons why you need an aluminum pool fence.
Is an aluminum fence expensive?
3 tips to prepare your SLEEKFENCE™ for Wintertime.
3 reasons Winter may be the best time to install a SLEEKFENCE™.

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