The best aluminum fence system for Texas.

The best aluminum fence system for Texas.

When choosing a fence for your residential or commercial property in Texas, there’s more to consider than aesthetics. Each city grapples with its own unique set of natural challenges. From the potential flooding and storms near the Colorado River and Lake LBJ in Kingsland to the tornadoes sweeping through Tornado Alley in Dallas and the flash floods, tornadoes, and wildfires threatening Austin, Decatur, and San Antonio, the need for a resilient fencing solution is undeniable. SLEEKFENCE is versatile, stylish and customizable. Our modular aluminum fence system is designed to stand firm against the diverse weather conditions each city faces. 

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Wind resistance:

SLEEKFENCE is resilient in the face of high winds and has a very high probability of staying upright through the most violent storms and hurricanes. With added reinforcements, as specified by engineering, our fencing can be rated to handle 160MPH windload and more. This makes SLEEKFENCE the ideal choice for hurricane zones and rooftop patios, where high winds are a significant concern. We have a link to our wind ratings in the learning hub on the SLEEKFENCE website. The project application chart specifies the recommended wind rating for each product. Please click here to look at the entire project application chart.

On the left, you’ll notice a special SLEEKFENCE project; this client wanted the top of the fence to stay level, and the contractor had to modify the heights of various panels in order to achieve this look. Our product is very customizable, which makes it perfect for sloped surfaces and instances where you need a fence that is taller than 69″. Our fence can be customized to any height. 

Fire resistance:

SLEEKFENCE has both fire resistance and non-combustibility qualities. Our aluminum fence product won’t burn or ignite even when exposed to high heat. This function is crucial for outdoor applications because there is a higher risk of fire due to high temperatures, dry conditions, and exposure to direct sunlight. Because of its fire resistance and non-combustibility, SLEEKFENCE is an excellent option for various applications, including residential and commercial fence projects. SLEEKFENCE is a long-term and cost-efficient option. As far as the fire rating goes building materials are tested using ASTM E84 to determine their surface-burning properties. This test evaluates how a material responds to a fire in terms of flame propagation and smoke formation. The test grades it with an A, B, or C, depending on how well the content does. The highest classification, Class A, denotes a material’s high level of fire resistance. Because of its ASTM E84 Class A classification, SLEEKFENCE can endure intense fire exposure without aiding in the spread of the fire. SLEEKFENCE is made from high-quality aluminum that has been designed to endure intense fire exposure.

On the right you’ll notice one of our woodgrain options. SLEEKFENCE offers five natural woodgrain options along with unlimited solid colors which are available through special order. You can enjoy the look of a wood fence without wasting time and money on the maintenance that comes with having one!

How does SLEEKFENCE handle a flood?:

SLEEKFENCE is the optimal solution for flood-prone areas due to its inherent properties that resist corrosion and degradation in the face of water exposure. Unlike traditional fencing materials like wood or iron, aluminum does not rust or rot when it meets floodwaters. This corrosion resistance ensures the fence’s longevity and structural integrity, making it one of the only choices for areas like Kingsland near the Colorado River and Lake LBJ, where potential flooding is a concern.



Safety for kids, pets and schools:

SLEEKFENCE provides strong and private barriers, ensuring only authorized individuals access the premises. SLEEKFENCE is the best privacy fence manufactured from aluminum. This enhances safety for kids, pets and schools by preventing unwanted entry. SLEEKFENCE 69″ privacy fence panels will be one of your best options if you’re attempting to keep animals or intruders off the premises. It has a smooth powder-coated surface with no creases for feet to slide into. It is probably one of the most challenging fence options to scale. You are also not limited to 69″; our modular fence system can be customized to any height. We also wanted to add that we are aware of recent school safety concerns; panic bars on gates are crucial for security against potential threats like shooters entering campuses. There’s been a huge increase in demand for security fencing and gates in schools due to the rise in shootings. 

The picture on the left shows a SLEEKFENCE gate equipped with a panic bar, this is a great feature for schools.

In this video Ella Marie tells us why SLEEKFENCE was the perfect choice to enhance her space with permanent beauty!

SLEEKFENCE increases property value:

A contemporary aluminum fence will enhance curb appeal and property value. We offer two fencing styles here at SLEEKFENCE; we have our aluminum privacy fence and our aluminum screen fence. Both are attractive options, and both will cause your home to stand out. We have seen cases where SLEEKFENCE has contributed to homes being sold for up to $200,000 over the asking price! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out:

Call or email us if you have any questions about our aluminum fence products. A member of our support staff will be glad to help you. If you are looking to install a SLEEKFENCE, we would be glad to assist you in finding a contractor near you. Our fence comes preassembled, so installation is an easy process to achieve the modern aluminum fence of your dreams.