The best modern fence for San Francisco.

The best modern fence for San Francisco

We wanted to create the best modern fence for San Francisco. Did you know that the American society of landscape architects assessed that proper landscaping (fencing is included in this category) had been known to increase a property’s value by nearly 20%! You won’t experience gains like this in San Francisco unless you install the right contemporary fence product to protect your property. Cheaper fence options such as chain link will most likely not produce returns like that. It would need to be an aesthetically pleasing option like SLEEKFENCE™. A SLEEKFENCE™ will not only positively influence your home’s property value, but it would also have many other benefits. We are going to discuss three of them in this article.

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The best modern fence for San Francisco

SLEEKFENCE™ requires almost no maintenance:

SLEEKFENCE™ contemporary aluminum privacy fence and aluminum screen fence products will require little to no maintenance aside from cleaning at your discretion. All you’ll need to do is install it and enjoy it for a lifetime. Our aluminum privacy fence and screen panels are powder-coated black, so SLEEKFENCE™ will not require you to polish or paint your contemporary black fence. Because our product is made from aluminum, it is resistant to corrosion and does not rust. Aluminum has no iron in its composition, so there is no iron to oxidize and rust.

SLEEKFENCE™ is great for kids and dogs:

SLEEKFENCE™ 69″ privacy panels are tall and tough enough to keep intruders or pests out. Your yard will be protected. A SLEEKFENCE™ privacy fence would also be very tough to climb. It is a smooth powder-coated surface with no creases for feet to slide into. It is probably one of the most challenging fence options to scale. We also have a metal key lockable gate latch that you can install at a height that is well out of reach for your little ones. You can make sure that the gate is locked while they are outside playing; this will ensure that your child cannot escape.

If you’re worried about your dog digging a hole and escaping, then you can ensure that your SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum privacy fence is installed so that it runs low to the ground; this will make it so there is less space between the fence and the ground. It will be much less tempting for your dog to dig a hole. If you go with our privacy fence option, your dog will not see through the fence; this will also help a lot because they will not see anything on the other side that tempts them to jump or dig.

The best modern fence for San Francisco

SLEEKFENCE™ has fantastic customer support:

Our customer support team is responsive and reliable. If you go through our Google reviews, you’ll notice that our exceptional customer service is mentioned frequently. We try to set ourselves apart in this area. Rest assured that if you ever have a question or a concern regarding SLEEKFENCE™, you can call in and talk to a sophisticated customer service representative. If you email SLEEKFENCE™ through our contact form or directly, you will receive a response from a representative within 3 business hours.

The best modern fence for San Francisco:

Feel free to call or email us with any questions that you may have about our aluminum fence product, a member of our support team will be happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry, and we would be glad to help you find a contractor in your area if you’re looking to have SLEEKFENCE™ installed for you. Our fence comes preassembled, so installation is an easy process to achieve the modern, black aluminum privacy fence of your dreams.